Demi Moore has another boyfriend

Demi Moore has another boyfriend

It seems that Demi Moore has moved on after her divorce. If Ashton Kutcher is currently dating Mila Kunis, the beautiful actress did not want to waste any more time. The paparazzi caught Demi with a new boyfriend who, surprising or not, is much younger than she. The actress is seeing Vito Schnabel who is an art dealer and his father is no other then the famous director/painter Julian Schnabel.

Everyone was a little shocked to hear the news if we take into consideration that Vito and Ashton were kind of pales. A source revealed that the two lovebirds are going to attend Art Basel together. It seems that Demi and Vito have already made their debut into the world. They were seen at Naomi Campbell` s party which was organized for her boyfriend who turned 50.

It is the first time since her divorce which ended last year, when Demi Moore is seeing another man. She and Ashton were married for almost 6 years. The actor was also much younger than the beautiful Demi Moore. She suffered a lot after Ashton left the house and it took her a long time to move on and forget him.

It seems that the actress did not react well when hearing about her ex-husband ` s relationship with his film partner, Mila Kunis. A close friend of Demi told the press that when she found out the news, she was shocked and jealous.

Her new boyfriend loves being surrounded by beautiful women. He had various relationships with different beauties such as supermodel Elle Macpherson or Liv Tyler.

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