James Woods – the actor with the highest IQ

James Woods – the actor with the highest IQ

As a teenager, James Woods was a brilliant student; he was enrolled in a UCLA algebra course while he was still in high school. He scored the maximum score of 800 in the verbal SAT and 779 in math. He was also given a full scholarship at MIT but he dropped out to pursue his career in acting.

His father was a United States Intelligence officer which may account for his high IQ. He can write with both hands (at the same time) but normally writes with his right while doing everything else with his left hand.

He is mostly known for his roles in Once upon a time in America and Ghosts of Mississippi and for being the actor with the highest IQ of 180. He was also the voice of Hades in the Disney animation Hercules, which he said it’s his favorite role and he will never refuse to play Hades if ever asked.

Woods is good friends with Sharon Stone about whom he believes to be the smartest woman in the film industry.

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